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Z5's Adventure in Treasure Wonderland 

Episode 1. The Cliff, Part I. The Crisis


Welcome to click the button on a image to listen to a story sample.

Map - Chapter 1. Bubble Forest
Map - Chapter 2. Enigmatic Canyon
Map - Chapter 3. Dark Cave
Map - Chapter 4. Prime Ridge
The Analogy of the Modern Cave
Scene I.1.1.1
Scene I.1.1.2
Scene I.1.1.3
Scene I.1.1.4
Scene I.1.1.5
Scene I.1.1.6
Scene I.1.1.7
The Regenesis under the Canyon Maze
Scene I.1.2.1
Scene I.1.2.2
Scene I.1.2.3
Scene I.1.2.4
Scene I.1.2.5
Scene I.1.2.6
Scene I.1.2.7
The Myth of the Rainbow Attractor
Scene I.1.3.1
Scene I.1.3.2
The Faith for the First Step
Scene I.1.3.3
Scene I.1.3.4
Scene I.1.3.5
Scene I.1.3.6
Scene I.1.3.7
Scene I.1.4.1
The Chain of the Cascade Hills
Scene I.1.4.2
The Garden on the Mind Field
Scene I.1.4.3
Scene I.1.4.4
The Curse through the Misery Puzzle
Scene I.1.4.5
Scene I.1.4.6
Scene I.1.4.7
The Taste of the Valiant Death
The Fear of the Evil Transformation
The Code for Cybernetix Revolution
The Myth of the Warning Sign
The Vow against the Untouchable Evil
The Myth of the Ergo Evolution

Select and click an mage (counterclockwise in the order of scenes) in the carousel-show to get more sense about the stories.

Map of Treasure Wonderland

It's a kind of magic ...

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