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The human has become the paragon of animals because of human courage for adventure and innovation of tools. Through industrial revolution, people’s inventions are able to be applied in a mass scale to change our life styles and, sometimes, to alter our living environments – and thus causing complex problems. The waves of industrial revolution need the backup of constant massive supplies of resources and capital, and therefore, capitalism has risen and been getting stronger and stronger as evolving with industrial revolution to steer the modern civilization. However, unfortunately, capitalism arouses spirits from the deepest dark side of humanity to form a great invisible evil hand which has gradually dominated the world through technological advances. As a matter of fact, the key for the modern civilization to escape from this vicious cycle lies in the old wisdom of subtly balancing risk and return by managing our greed and fear with ultimate sophistication, and therefore the serial fable stories of Rainbow Arch are devoted to present the modern version of Plato’s Analogy of the Cave for this embedded wisdom to prevail over people’s minds. - Jenher Jeng

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