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Intelligence ?????

How can we define "intelligence" through the complexity of human factors? My own experiences lead to the following aspects:

(I) Perception of Value (價值觀)

- Superficially smart people usually do stupid things due to their selfish interests.

- e.g. Reckless Wall Street managers and traders cause financial crises.

(II) Perception of the World (世界觀)

- Only those frogs who are not doomed in the well can be great innovators and pioneers.

(III) Perception of the Future (未來觀)

- Only vision with deep insight can lead one to a distinguished destiny for making a difference.

(IV) Ability to Analyze through Complexity (複雜性問題之整合思维分析能力)

- It requires a calm brain to figure out a crisis and the trade-off of opportunity and risk

(V) Ability to Make Decision and Act in Dilemma (解決問題之權衡決策與執行能力)

- It takes courage and responsibility to act upon trade-off of opportunity and risk.

And then, these factors are to be integrated into one's integrity & creativity!

How to integrate?! - Easy, just connect your left and right brains!!

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