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In one of the numerous parallel universes, there had dramatically evolved an intriguing dual world, and in this world, there existed a magical planet where the Novahan civilization had been created in highly advanced technology – after going through two major disasters of creative destruction, the Novahan civilization finally found its way to build an ultimately perfect technological system. No one would’ve doubted the belief that such a technological achievement can keep the civilization going well in a sustainable way forever; however, shockingly against the Novahan’s expectation, the soul of this technological system – a guarding angel-like artificial intelligence system – predicted that the third creative destruction was coming. Fortunately, at least, this artificial intelligence found the key for the civilization to survive the coming catastrophic distinction, but even more surprisingly beyond what the Novahan can imagine, this key lay in another amazing civilization existing far away on the other side of the Milky Way – it is a world which was dominated by wizardry and black magic, and thus there occurred a sequence of enchanted fascinating causal puzzles of spacetime story …

In the universe where the planet Novah existed, another planet with highly evolved civilization was called Earth. However, being completely different from the Novahan civilization, the evolution of the civilization, due to some fundamental human factors such as laziness, selfishness, greed and fear, had been eventually dominated by black magic from the dark world on Earth, and forced the human population to deteriorate into sparsely separated tribes while some powerful bishop wizards were relied on for protecting people and barely maintain the tribes together. The chief master wizard who was in charge of the Capital Temple had become the leader of all the bishop wizards because the temple had reserved the most important human treasures and talismans which were defensive instruments against black magic of the magicians from the dark world. Unfortunately, the ultimate talisman - the holy grail of all the treasures – was stolen by a bishop wizard who betrayed the Capital Temple and became a refugee in the dark world.

Since this missing treasure had endangered the survival of the human race, the master wizard therefore used all his magic power to create the Z5 crew, and hoped that they could accomplish the mission of taking the ultimate talisman home after growing up with enough trainings. But something beyond the master wizard’s knowledge power was that the missing holy grail not only doomed the future of the human race, but was also mysteriously connected to the fate of the far-away Novahan civilization under the threat of the third creative destruction. One starry night, the master wizard suddenly got a revelation from the outer space which convinced him that he had no choice but to send the five still innocent little guys – Stark, Bondi, Monique, Omar and Howard – out of their comfort zone in the Capital Mountain to start their magic journey of adventure; on the other hand, Nova – a naughty Novahan little prince – was accidentally sent to Earth after inadvertently launching a mission-carrying spacecraft. The encounter between Nova and the Z5 unexpectedly started a new page of this universe’s history which marked the most remarkable legacy.

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